Monday, December 7, 2009


This is a weekly bookish meme hosted by J. Kayes' Book Blog.  It gives us a chance to chat about what we are currently reading this week, what we have read and what we are planning to read. 


I have been KNITTING lately and NOT reading. 


I have been pretty stressed out due to, you know, life in general and Christmas and my husband being out of town working for a month, and I am finding it hard to concentrate when I read.  The best thing for me to do when I am like this is to knit while watching a fav DVD.  The combo is usually knitting and Frasier.  Today it was knitting and Everybody Loves Raymond.  I do this during my usual reading time for a couple of hours in the afternoon when my youngest child naps.  So, I have gotten diddly done in the reading department, but I HAVE gotten 6 lovely little squares for the baby blanket I am knitting for my nephews son that will be arriving in March! 

I do have every intention of reading every day, and I did manage to read a bit of Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld (which  I FRICKEN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  It is FANTASTIC!!  I mean, SO SO unique and awesome, and Steampunk-y!  I think Steampunk may be my next big thing.  I ordered Nick Valentino's book from the guest blog he did a little while ago, "Thomas Riley" and I am just waiting for it to come in the mail. 

Today I started The 13 Hour by Richard Doetsch, and after hearing much bally-hoo about it I have to say I am not overly impressed thus far.  I mean the premise is very cool (the book STARTS with the 12th Chapter), and the first few pages were great, and then he gets into the overdone describing of every character down to the last shred of clothing and hair on their head.  This just makes the book wreak of "oooohh... look at me I am writing" to me, but I am hoping it gets better.  People seem to LOVE it.  So, I will give it an honest go and try to overlook this tendancy. 

Hopefully I'll have more to chat about next week!

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Anonymous said...

My week was pretty similar. Most of my reading time seemed to be taken up with Christmassy stuff, and was only the first week of December!

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Leviathan! I have that on my list of books to read next year...which keeps getting longer and longer!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Knitting is such a great outlet! I hope you get to see hubby soon.

Christmas shopping & decorations meant no reading this weekend for me either. I loved Leviathan too but haven't started 13th Hour yet.

Anonymous said...

Did you link this post to the meme? If so, I am not getting all the notices.

Hmmmm....maybe I should switch to yahoo mail.

Lisa said...

Hey J.Kaye! When I orginally posted the link to your page, I had thought maybe you hadn't done your Monday meme yet as I didn't see it. Silly me, if I had only SCROLLED down I would have seen it! I have it linked now, should be there. Thanks for checking!

Alita: I can't wait to read your thoughts on Leviathan!

Mel: Does that mean you are a knitter as well? Looking forward to your thoughts on Leviathan too!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have you on my reader and I didn't remember commenting on Monday...checked and I didn't. That could mean that could also mean I didn't get the link notice, which has happened. Gmail isn't reliable.

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