Saturday, October 10, 2009


Save me from myself!!! ! I have JUST signed up to participate in Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon that takes place on October 24th.  Why do you ask?  I say WHY NOT!!!  It actually sounds like a whole lot of sleep deprived fun!  Apparently this tradition was started years ago by a woman named Dewey.  And after she passed away a couple of years ago a few loyal book blogging folks decided to keep up this cool event for everyone to join in! 

When you sign up as a reader, all you have to do is read for 24 hours, and update your blog as you do so.  You can adjust this to fit your own needs, such as myself who has a family to run, I'll be taking breaks throughout the day to feed and water them.  And then I'll be back at reading, posting and our lovely cheerleaders will be posting mini-challenges through-out the 24 hour period for the readers to have fun with and take a bit of a brain break!    The read-a-thon is world wide and happens at exactly the same time, they have included all of the relevant timezones so you will be reading along with everyone else. 

I am going to try my "darndest" to stay awake the full 24 hours, God only knows I've done it enough at work, and having a whole lot less fun! 

You can sign up as a reader OR as a cheerleader!  Click here for more details. 

Oh.. and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!  I'll see you on Tuesday!!!


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Unknown said...

Congrats on having the guts to sign up as a Reader! I've signed up as a Cheerleader, because I just can't submit my husband to a sleep-deprived Alita. That would be cruel.

But I will be around for as much of the 24hrs as possible to cheer you on!


Now all I need are some pompoms.

Unknown said...

WOOT!!!! You go girl... that's so awsome!!
I just signed up as a Cheerleader. Will be posting a button and a "blurb" on my blog today to cheer you on.
You rock!!
I love you.
Go Womaaaaans GO!!!

Lisa said...

Alita, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! Your encouragement means the WORLD to me!!!!

And Michele: as always, you know how to really make me burst with happiness! I love you TOO! Thank you so much for your support... always. :)

brizmus said...

Wow! What a great idea - I might should sign up for it. Except that I KNOW I could never stay awake for 24 straight hours. I have never been capable of doing that. Ever.
Maybe I'll be a cheerleader!

Carol said...

I'm giving it a shot, too. I know what you mean about having to stop to feed the family, though. I'm thinking about seeing if my daughter'll read with me for a little while, at least.

Lisa said...

Right on, Carol!!!! WOOT! I am going to try to get my daughter to read with me too! What a GREAT IDEA!

Unknown said...

Lisa -
Cool for the Read a thon. I think I am going to watch and be a cheerleader...
Thanks giving? am I missing something here?

Lisa said...

Hey Shellie,
I'm Canadian and up here it's Thanksgiving weekend! :)

Unknown said...

Lisa -
I am such a ding a lingy - I did not know you where Canadian...
You - have a great Thanksgiving.... and remember ginger ale is great for an over full belly. :)
Take Care.

Lisa said...

How the heck were you supposed to know that, Shellie!! You are too cute.

Gingerale... check!


Alyssa Kirk said...

Have fun. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

To read-a-thon or not to read-a-thon? I just can't decide! Have fun!

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