Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trying to stay awake already, and it's only 4 pm!!!! Yikes! (9.5 hours in)

I am now officially 9.5 hours into the read-a-thon and boy-oh-boy did I have a tough time not drifting off into lah-lah land a little while ago.  Here's the thing, whenever my oldest daughter is around and my youngest daughter goes for her nap, it is verrrry difficult for my oldest to understand when Mommy needs some Mommy time-out during that nap.  Generally speaking she doesn't bug me too much during the usual 2 hours, and normally when she does it's totally fine, unless I'm actually trying to sleep after having a bad night, or what have you.  Okay, so all of the a-thon god's were conspiring against me today because here's what happened:

  • toddler was cranky before nap
  • toddler went beddie-bye, mommy was happy, did a couple of things before settling down into her own bed with book in hand, afghan on lap.
  • 9 year old bursts in room to announce that she is suddenly going to start designing and hand sewing her own little handbag for her iDog and iPod. 
  • She rummages loudly in the little side room right behind our bed. 
  • mommy is using her overly nice mommy voice, "Honey?  What are you looking for?"  To which she announces "Fabric."
  • 9 year old then asks if mommy can thread a needle.  Mommy agrees realizing that all hopes of said time to her book is now lost as her oldest child does not know how to thread a needle, tie a knot in the thread, knot iT after it is sewn.. well, you get the picture.
  • 9 year old closes bedroom door and leaves mommy alone. 
  • mom reads ..... for 5 minutes.
  • "Is that Ayana crying?"  No.  I refuse to believe that my toddler who almost NEVER wakes up from her nap has now decided to 40 minutes in to start wailing.  Must be the wind. 
  • Hmmm.  Wind is sounding very sad.  Better check. 
  • 5 minutes of back rubbing and "all done baby" (her baby she sleeps with) and "baby back".. "all done baby"... sigh. 
  • The next hour and a bit was spent reading, almost falling alseep several times, and intermittant door knocking and sewing shinanigans.  Which I almost didn't mind because it helped keep me AWAKE.
Here is my progress so far, pathetic as it is.  :0)

Pages Read in the past two hours: 90

Books Read in the past two hours: 60 pages of Echo and 30 pages of Crispin by Avi

Total Pages Read: 142

Books Completed: 1 - Hush, Hush

Mini-Challenges Participated In: 1

Minutes Spent Reading: 170  (how I can account for this seemingly snails pace for reading is that Echo in the Bone is a huge book, I mean huge as in total number of words to a page.  For those of you that have it, you will agree that the type is small, there is no extra spacing and.. well.. there's just a heckuva lot of words and it seems to take forever to read a page!  I'm just sayin'.)

Minutes Spent Blogging:   TOO MANY.

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Alyssa Kirk said...

At least you finished Hush Hush!

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