Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Kindle edition

At first when I heard about this book on Oprah's book club I thought, "Meh."  But then I ordered the sample (LOVE THIS FEATURE) on my kindle and found myself immediately drawn in.

Cheryl's journey both physical and emotional is a powerful and relatable one.  The death of her mother catapulted her into a reckless lifestyle that had she not found the Pacific Crest Trail, she may have ended up in jail, or dead.

Strayed is an incredibly talented writer who is able to paint vivid pictures with her words.  Her pain is palpable, and the day-to-day details of her trek is fascinating!  I would have never ever in a million years thought of taking a trip like hers, but I found myself going, "Yeah, yeah, YEAH!"  in agreement and googling and bookmarking every website and book on the PCT and long distance hiking, despite me having bad shoulders and various other "old lady" ailments that would make a trip like that problematic.

This book was hard to put down, and I was sad to see it end, and it left me wanting to read other books of similar tales.

I highly recommend this book to anyone!

RATING:  4/5