Sunday, October 4, 2009


Aaaaahhhh, Sunday.....  I LOVE Sundays.  And this Sunday in particular is awesome because we had our first snow fall!  So, at 730 this morning I put on a fire and read the paper while the rest of my house was sleeping. 

This week turned out to be a great reading week!  After several weeks of not a whole lot of productive reading, I finished Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden and started and finished Susan Higginbotham's "Hugh and Bess", which I LOVED.  I will be reviewing it on Tuesday after hopefully being able to arrange for a giveaway of the book!  (fingers crossed!) 

I carry Echo in the Bone around with me everywhere, and have not been able to read as much as I like of it.  It's not a book I want to read with distractions around.  Because I love this series so much, I want to savour every single word of this latest book, knowing the next (and LAST) one will not be out for 3 years or more.  Sigh.  After following on Diana Gabaldon's blog for the past year, I still stare at its cover in awe that it is finally here in my possesion.  Yes, I love it THAT much.  Sad, really.  What is cool about following an author's blog such as Diana's is that all along while writing Echo she shared with us little excerpts AND even described in detail HOW she wrote a few bits.  We even were let in on the stress of the final weeks of the "final frenzy", as she puts it, where she basically did nothing but write.  Diana also kept us apprised of the discussions over various cover designs and posted the final cover long before anyone else knew about it.  She also replies often to comments, and is very approachable to her readers.  Here is here blog in case you would like to follow her too:  Voyage of the Artemis

This week I will be reading "The Christmas Cookie Club" by Ann Pearlman.  I recieved this ARC back in the summer, but have been waiting until now to read and review it.  It looks like a fun read, and I think it would be a great gift for the women in your life! 

I'll also be reading "Dewey - The Small Town Cat who Touched the World" by Vicki Myron.  This book is already very heartwarming, and Dewey is quite possibly one of the cutest cats I have EVER seen in my LIFE.  EVER.  

I may add one more book to the pile, James Patterson's "The Murder of King Tut."  It was also a review copy from the lovely folks at Little Brown Publishing co., and it looks like a fascinating read. 

Other than that, I am going to go BACK to my fire and knit while my 9 year old daughter watches "That's So Raven" and enjoy some scream-free moments before our 2 year old wakes up!

Have a WONDEFUL Sunday!

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Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

Lisa, it sounds like you had quite the morning! Snow falling outside the window as you curl up next to the fire with some good books...mmm that sounds delicious right about now! As for me, it is an uncharacteristic 75 degrees in NYC today, so no snowfalls here, but I so look forward to the time when winter comes and surrounds NYC with its beauty! :)

Suzanne Yester said...

Oh, it sounds so wonderful! Sitting by the fire reading! I love doing that myself, but I'll be waiting another few months for snow! I also am savoring Echo in the Bone, but for a different reason- I'm still catching up in the series!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

P.S. I just loved Dewey! What a heart warming book!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Sounds like you had a great week, and some fun reads. Snow?? wow, that is early. It's gorgeous and low 70'2 here today.

The Christmas Cookie Club is on my list as well, but I need to wait until November at least :) enjoy

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

SOunds like a fabulous Sunday so far. Snow huh? Wow!

Lisa said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for your comments this morning. I was just having a bit of the blues that I have not had that many comments lately and wondered if I have offended people in some way! And then I check my email and VOILA all of your lovely comments are there! THANK YOU!!!!!! You have made me DAY! :)

Christine said...

Argh, you mentioned the "s" word (snow). Not looking forward to it. I so want to read the book about Dewey. I love the cover and it seems like such a good story.
By the way, I have something for you:

Carol said...

I'm not ready for snow, yet.
I'll be looking forward to what you have to say about the Christmas Cookie Club.

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