Thursday, November 4, 2010


As I have said before things are very stressful right now with my Mom.  She is now being transferred to a care facility for 2 weeks where they can closely monitor her meds.  She is doing great, but they want to make sure that her meds are right and that she will not have another seizure.  It's so tough on my poor Dad.  ANYway, last night I stumbled accross this Hidden Camera prank that Sofia Vergara did on Ellen.  OMG it is SOOOO damn funny.  I have watched it a dozen times and still laugh my butt off.  She is so awesome.  LOVE her.  She is by far, next to Cam, the funniest cast member on Modern Family.  She's beautiful, funny AND smart. 

Anyway, ENJOY!!!

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Aylee said...

So funny! I love the David Beckham one, too.
Sorry to hear about your mum though.

alitareads said...

Oh goodness that was so funny. Thanks for sharing!

I hope all goes well with your mom's transfer.

TheBookGirl said...

Just read the posts about your Mom...I am so sorry for you and your family and I hope things look up soon.

I also saw that you are reading your way through The Distant Hours...I loved The House at Riverton, and I hope this one is as good...the size has daunted me somewhat, but I'm due to pick it up as the next book after the one I'm just starting today.

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