Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today my eldest is having a playdate, so I'm not sure how much reading time I will get in when my youngest has her nap.  For some weird reason I was just not that into reading this week.  I'm not sure what that was, I just couldn't concentrate.  I DID read, but not as much as I normally did.  Instead during my designated reading time everyday I knitted and watched DVD's of Everybody Loves Raymond.  This is one of my favourite things to do, and it just puts me in the loveliest state of domestic bliss!

Since our family reading club started we've all discovered that the reading schedule is much to slow.   We were only reading 60 pages every two weeks, but I found that I could read that in a flippin' day, EASILY.  And my other family members were saying that they were not wanting to go too far ahead because they would forget the book by the time the dinner meeting came.  I was so relieved to hear this, and I'm now going to set it so that we read double that if not more.  The book is "Three Day Road" by Joseph Boyden and it is only 394 pages long, so it really should only take an average reader a couple of weeks, maybe three.  The book is great, and it is written beautifully and ties in flashback with present day very very well.  I'll review it when I'm done!

Son of a Witch I am still loving, although I have not been reading that one as much.  I am focusing my reading efforts on "A Breath of Snow And Ashes" by Diana Gabaldon as her new book comes out in 9 days and I am trying to finish my re-read before then because as IF I am not going to be standing at the check out with Echo in my hot little hands as soon as Chapters opens on the 22nd!!! 

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday, and here's to a terrifac week!!!

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Suzanne Yester said...

A family reading club sounds great! In my reading club we have slow and fast readers, so we usually meet every 6 weeks... then we all have to judge our reading speed so we don't read it too fast and forget!
I wish I could read really super fast though, because I'm going to be one of those people in line to get Diana Gabaldon's newest book and I still have 3 books to go! :D

Enjoyed your post! Have a great week!

Alyssa Kirk said...

I love the idea of a family reading club. What a great way to bond. We talk about books all the time at our house and with a few close relatives and it's so much fun! Gabaldon is great. Keep reading and enjoy!

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