Friday, January 22, 2010


Because I am WAAAAYYY behind on ALL my reading, review and otherwise, I am going to depart from bookish things to tell you guys about a blog a very dear friend of mine has.  If you need a good LAUGH she is the one to turn to! 

Today I am highlighting one of my FAVOURITE blogs to read, and it happens to be the blog of one of my most FAVOURITE people in the entire universe. (enter trumpets)  Her name is Michele and she has been one of my CLOSEST most dearest friends over the past, dare I say, 20 plus years.  Her blog is extraordinary.  Her writing is incredible, and she is one of THE funniest people I know and her blog is no exception.  Michele is a wonderful and REAL mother who has a 5 year old lovely lady in kindergarten.  She has hilarious and very very touching stories about their life together, and on the days where she has a rant or two about life in general?  PEE.  I actually PEE myself laughing, people! 

ANYway, enough pre-amble.  Here she is in all her bloggy gloriousness.  And she does not know I am doing this sooooo... SURPRISE! 


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Unknown said...

Ummmm, I don't even know what to say.
Speechless, I am.

I love you.

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