Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you are an adoptive parent and in particular an adoptive parent of a child who does not share your skin color, this book is for you!   This is an incredibly heartwarming story of a little wee yellow bird named Choco.  He is all alone and looking for a mother.  He stumbled accross various animals who tell him that they cannot be his mother because of various physical differences.  Like the giraffe who says that she does not have wings like him.  After being rejected a few times, Choco dissolves into tears.  A beautiful big bear hears him and runs to the rescue.  This is where the story really gets super sweet, and I admit getting very teary eyed when I read it.  She then goes through the list of things Choco's mother would do to make him feel better if she were there -- and then she does them.  And in the end she invites him to join her family and off they go to her house.  When they arrive, Choco discovers that the bears children are various animals, and not one of them is a bear! 

I read this for the first time to our 2 year old little Ethiopian beauty a few weeks ago, and she seemed to really grasp that Choco needed a mommy.  And when she saw the bear give Choco a big hug she said, "There's the mommy!" 


And here is our little peanut for whom I bought this book:

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Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

What a beautiful storybook! And what a beautiful daughter you have! Her smile is just radiant! Great review!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. And your daughter is adorable.

Carol said...

This is a well read one in our home too!

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