Thursday, September 10, 2009

The ABC's of me...

I was tagged by my good friend Alyssa at Teens Read and Write

Available or in-a-relationship? Married

Best Friend? Carole

Cake or Pie? Cake... TOTALLY.

Drink of choice? Alcoholic?  white wine  non?  rootbeer

Essential item for every day use?  My wall calendar

Favorite color? don't have one

Google?  Love.

Hometown?  Calgary, Alberta  YEE HAW!

Indulgences? Chips, ripple, usually Lay's.

January or February? February, my anniversary and hubby's birthday!

Kids and their names? Two girls:  Ellie and Ayana

Life is incomplete without…? Family, books, knitting, holidays.

Marriage date? Feb. 12, 1997

Number of siblings? Two.

Oranges or apples? Apples

Phobias and fears? Something happening to my kids.   Claustrophobia.

Quote for the day? Carpe Diem.  Like it's your last diem.

Reason to smile? My girls, and my hilarious albiet sometime irritatingly funny husband.

Season? FALL!!

Tag 3 people and anyone else who would like to play.!



Unknown fact about me? I work in the film business.  And the most famous person I had the good fortune to get to know was Brad Pitt on Assassination of Jesse James.  And yes I got to know him and his family very well.  True story.

Vegetable you hate? Turnips or parsnips.  Anything with an "ip" on the end.  Yuck.

Worst habit? procrastinating.

X-rays you’ve had? are you kidding me?  tons.

Your fave food? any kind of comfort food.

Zodiac sign? Taurus

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Alyce said...

I so much want to know more about your experiences with Brad Pitt and his family!

My schedule is filled up for the next week because of Book Blogger's Appreciation Week, so I probably won't get to this meme for a while, but thanks for the tag!

Anonymous said...

I entered the giveaway at He Followed Me Home for The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks and mentioned that I was referred by you :D

Happy reading!

Lisa said...

Hey Alyce! No prob on the tag, it took me a week to do mine too. I am very lucky and get to work at my dream job. But I don't do it very often as it takes me away from my family for too long, and so I pick and choose my projects very carefully. My job is 3rd Assistant Director, and I am responsible for, among other things, coordinating getting all of the actors ready for the work day on set. My office is at the trailers where the actors are, and it's a great job.

And Book Vixen: thanks for the mention on Mel's site!

Jessica said...

Wow! Brad Pitt. What was that like? lol

I enjoyed reading your ABC's. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

My mother-in-law tried to teach me to knit once. It was not pretty. But one day, I really want to learn how.

Alyssa Kirk said...

I've noticed procrastinating listed a lot on these ABC's but somehow we all seem to get the job done. Brad Pitt? Awesome! Okay, turnips are a big yuck. Glad to hear you have such a fabulous family! Great to get to know more about you!

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