Friday, May 13, 2011


Book Blogger Hop

Blog hop asks:

"Are you going to Book Expo America (BEA) and/or the Book Blogger Convention (BBC) this year?"

Unfortunately I am unable to go this year... booo!   I have never been but have heard it is just awesome! 

I have just returned from the zoo and it is a gorgeous springtime day here in Calgary (finally!)  and now we are at home having our sacred "quiet" time with sesame street and me on the couch with my kindle.  

I have JUST bought the latest Melissa Fay Greene (author of There's No Me Without You-- which I am pretty sure every Ethiopian adoptive family has read!) called "No biking in the house without a helmet!"  It is, so far, a hilarious take on parenting in general, but adoptive parenting in specific.  She is bang on with her observations on being a parent, the good, the bad and the UGLY.  Somehow when you read it you feel like, "Hey!  I'm not so bad after all!"  I can't wait to finish it to share my thoughts with you about it.  

ANYway, off to have a very rare weekend that is blank on the calendar... thaaaat's right, we officially have NOTHING to do.  NOTHING!  And we are pretty damn happy about it. 

Now I am off to do some hopping around the blogpsphere!


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Elizabeth said...

The more I read about these two events, the more I have to make plans to go.

When do they put out the details and where do you have to register? THANKS.



Lisa said...

Hey Elizabeth... aka OLD follower! LOL!!

Here is the link to the BEA website, and then the other event is held in conjunction with this one, and I think this is only it's second or third year running. Here's the link to that one as well Usually shortly before or after Christmas both of the sites have their registration up and running.


Elizabeth said...

THANKS for the information.

Going to put this on my calendar.

Christy said...

Thanks for hopping have a really great site and I am a new follower too. Hope you have a good weekend and better spring weather where you are instead of here!

Anonymous said...

Visiting from the hop. I love your blog name, very cute. Enjoy your weekend and I am sorry you will miss the events. Put it on your Bucket List. :)

Visit my Hop

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

One of these days I would LOVE to go to BEA, wish that it would still move around like the other book conventions, of course I only learned that recently that BEA used to move around. Kind of wish I didn't know that little fact!

Thanks for visiting/following my blog!

Have a GREAT weekend!

New Follower
Jessica@a GREAT read

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me, I'm following you back. Have a great weekend!


Shan said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog and leaving a comment on the Curly Like Me post. If you don't already read them, check out Happy Girl Hair and Beads, Braids and Beyond blog, I love them!

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for vising me at Hands and Home! I am now following you back and look forward to reading more of your reviews.

Bellamay said...

Newest follower and cute blog

Unknown said...

BEA sounds delightful, like a fairyland for bloggers. It's a pity that more of us can't go!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I wish I could go to BEA, but unfortunately school is not out until several weeks later. Maybe I will be able to go next year.

Perhaps you'd like to enter the giveaway this month for the new book Divergent. I'd love to have you stop by my blog. Let me know if you decide to follow; I always follow back.

Lisa said...

Hi Deb Nance, I can't enter your giveaway as I live in Canada. Thanks everyone for hopping on by and especially for your comments!!!

Midnyte Reader said...

Hi, thank you for the follow. It's nice to find another blogger around my age *cough cough*.

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