Saturday, November 7, 2009

REVIEW: JOURNEY TO THE SON by Lauren Braddock Havey

Journey to the Son by Lauren Braddock Havey

I would like to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to Lauren for sending me her book, along with the companion CD! 

Lauren Braddock Havey is a singer/songwriter, actor and daughter of country songwriter Bobby Braddock.  Any woman who has struggled to become a mother in the biological sense will really relate to this memoir.  Told in a conversational style, it gets right into the minute details of her infertility treatments, success, and birth of her son and all of the stuff in between that can make a woman crazy.  While we were right in the middle of our paperwork mountain for our adoption of our beautiful daughter, Ayana, I found a book called "Two Little Girls" by Theresa Reid, and I read that book ferociously from cover to cover, and recommend it to many would-be adoptive parents.  This book may do that for those women who have been through the infertility treatment jungle, and want to share in the sisterhood that is hormones, doctor's appointments, rabid temperature taking, crying jags, monthly heart crushing blows  -- the whole gamut. 

The CD is very unique.  It is a country opera so each song was written to further celebrate each chapter.  This type of country is definately not my type of music, but the authors CD may appeal to those that can appreciate that kind of style. 


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