Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogger burnout!... blah... and CLUE #4!

Hello all,
I realize I have been pretty quiet around here lately.  I have to admit to having a bit of blogger burn-out.  And even worse, I have been hit with reading burn-out as well.  Lately I have been feeling like my book blog has become exactly what I DIDN'T want it to become... like a job that I do not get paid for.  I have a large stack of review books to read (btw, if you are a publisher or author please read my review policy as I am not accepting any books for review at this time), and the pressure is on.  In the future I definately will not be participating in anymore blog tours, the pressure is just too much to get the book read by a certain deadline on top of all of the other reading that I have to do by release dates etc.  Most of the books are pretty good, some I even have LOVED, but some just make me plain old cranky.  How is it even possible that I could resent reading?  A passion I have had my entire life!  So, I have decided that after my current commitments are done I will revert back to reading for pure pleasure and reviewing the books that I have chosen. 

I have also been super busy getting involved with a new phase in my career which is dog training for movies and television, as well as general dog behaviour training.  A lot of my reading has been about this topic, and it is fascinating and I LOOOOVE IT! 

Now, as for Phil, my first AD friend who worked on Pillars of the Earth?  He is currently working on a film in Calgary (where I live) so I am going to be working around his schedule to get that vlog interview done!  Can't wait to hear what he has to say!  Ken Follett was on set a TON, apparently, and it is always interesting hearing about the author's involvement on a movie made from their book.  When I worked on The Assassination of Jesse James, Ron Hansen, was on set for about 2 weeks, and even had a cameo in the film!  He was very polite and didn't have any input, he just really enjoyed watching his words being spoken by Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck and the like. 

ANYway, on to CLUE #4!!!!  And if you do not know what the clue business is all about you can read about it and sign up for it here

Here is THE CLUE:      The Super Secret YA novel is about PARANORMAL shinanigans.

You can submit your guess here... only one guess per week please!


The Super Secret

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh no! Fight the urge! Just hang in there :)

Jo-Jo said...

My reading has slowed way down this month! Usually when I go on vacation I read a few books, but this time I only finished one, started another, and I am still reading the same book that I started on vacation! Oh well...I like to read for myself, as you indicated above, so I'm not going to worry about it! Good luck with your dog training!

Alyce said...

I hope you are able to recover from your blog/reading burnout and enjoy it again. I'm sure limiting review copies will help.

I tried to go cold turkey with the review copies last summer, and once I caught up I realized that still liked an ARC now and then. Now I only let myself request one or two a month and am firm about saying no (to the people offering the books and to myself sometimes when I'm tempted to take on too much). My only difficulty now is dealing with the pile of unsolicited copies that have come my way (but I feel less guilty about those since I didn't request them, but still...).

Oh, and the dog training sound awesome! I wish I had some of those skills. I have a yellow lab that could be a twin for Marley (from the book Marley & Me).

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