Sunday, August 9, 2009


Welcome to my very first Sunday Salon! The Sunday Salon is like a virtual "reading room" where fellow bibliophiles "gather" and do some relaxed reading on Sunday's and share what they have read.
Today I took up my usual spot on my living room couch, at my usual time of my youngest's naptime, and stretched out in a slash of sun and continued my re-read of The Fiery Cross. Before Diana Gabaldon announced the impending release of the next Outlander book, I started to re-read the entire series about 2 years ago. Once I heard, via her personal blog, that she was writing the next installment in the series I got much more focused in my reading. Nothing like a deadline to get the pages turning!
Re-reading a series is something I have done since childhood, starting with the Little House Series. I have probably re-read that series about 30 times in my life. Once I found, through my older sisters, the Gabaldon series, I knew I wanted to keep Jamie and Claire alive and well around me at all times. So, since reading the first in the series, "Outlander" in 2002 I have basically always got one on the go. I liked the Fiery Cross when I first read it, but at the time it was my least favourite of the series. Mostly because (and I had been fair warned ahead of time) the entire first 147 pages takes place in ONE DAY. It felt endless. I was apprehensive about reading it again, but reading them all for a second time I am actually enjoying them a lot more. The thing about them is that this is very smart historical fiction, written not only for women, but many men I have heard (my Dad being one of them) have loved them too. Not purely "chick lit".. which is not my preferred genre.
So now every single day I sit down and read for at least an hour because in 7 weeks the new book comes out and I have to finish this one AND re-read the LAST one which is well over 900 pages! Can she do it??! We'll see.....

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